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Musical Dragon by Word-Witch Musical Dragon :iconword-witch:Word-Witch 6 2
Creeping Shadows
Creeping behind you, it's that flicker in the corner of your eye.
But when you turn around, nothing's there.
Shadowing your every footstep, overlooking everything you do.
No one can see it, only your eyes can.
It brings you down to a place where you do anything, be anything, say anything to get out of the hole it's carved for you.
You scream, you cry, you hurt yourself in desperate attempts to ease the pain raging inside you like a fiery inferno, grazing your happiness into ash.
You try to live, but the shadow smothers you, darkening everything you see and everything you hear. Finally you can't stand anymore, and you break down.
The vent lets it all out, and you think you're okay. You think you can get through the week finally feeling happy. But when you step outside, the light is still darkened.
But nobody's there. It's only a shadow in the corner of your eye.
:iconword-witch:Word-Witch 0 0
All The Pressure
I can feel it growing day by day
As words exchange, it remains the same
It's always there; it's there right by my side
And though I don't know why, I run and hide
All the problems just keep building up
And I try to fight, but I'm not that tough
Hard to focus on the different smiles
It's too hard to see, it has been for a while
All the questions, all the problems
And I know that I can't solve them
Why I bother trying I don't know
All the bad times, all the tears cried
All the things that I can try to hide
I am helpless; I just watch it grow
All the pressure and the stress I see
It all comes down on me
And now I can't be free
All the fighting and the words thrown out
They're now all I hear
And now my mind's unclear
Feeling sorry, feeling guilty
And nothing can seem to heal me
So now I'm stuck forever
With all the pressure
I see it happening behind my eyes
Even when I cry, I still see the lies
No one around can feel the cold despair
And I yank my hair, but it
:iconword-witch:Word-Witch 0 0
When I look at myself sometimes, so happy and yet not,
I remind myself some things don't change.
The things I've said to people with the pure intent of pain,
Those things will never go away.
The scars I inflicted on myself and on others,
Those scars always remain the same.
The dark mood that surfaces sometimes when I'm alone,
Is there with me through every day.
The memories I have of people being inhumane,
Those memories will still remain.
I have so many good days to outnumber the bad,
And a lot of people live like that.
The thing I just keep repeating to myself:
Is the bad days are in the past.
I could easily live each day like before,
Upset and alone and angry at everyone.
Could easily hide myself down in my room,
Not letting go of things already done.
But each day is a gift to spend as we please;
If we waste it, who's fault is it but ours?
Rather than sit there and focus on the negative,
I'd rather turn the time into good, happy hours.
:iconword-witch:Word-Witch 0 0
Her tiny diamond heart that hung so long on fragile chain
Now lays forsaken on the ground in a mess of scattered metal.
The pieces scatter everywhere, naively running from his cruelty
As they hit the wooden floor, the sparkling silver smashes into dust.
She wants to collapse to the boards and pick up what used to be hers
Collecting diamonds piece by piece, until the floor is silky smooth.
Instead she must cower in fear of what he might do to it next
Crying and trapped in modern hell by her mistaken innocence.
Tears blur the faceted jewels as his foot crushes through them
Blinding her to what she must have enough sense to see.
She wants to stand up, yell, anything to bring the pieces together again
But she knows all too well once it cracks, it's broken forever.
The diamonds glitter madly, reflected in the eyes she trusted with her heart
She watches as the anger consumes them, grazing any purity it can find.
As skin touches skin, bruises form and spots dance wildly in her line of sight
:iconword-witch:Word-Witch 0 3
Tough Love
Look at her face, so shiny and new
Look at the world, what it could do
Look in her eyes, so naive and sweet
Look at all the bad people she'll meet
Look at her smile, innocent and bright
Look at the ways she could lose her fight
Listen to her voice, happy and strong
Listen to all that could go wrong
Look at her hands, so trusting and tiny
Watch as she can't find a silver lining
Look at her skin, so smooth and unmarked
Watch as the scars start to become so stark
Watch as the world shows its true ugly face
Watch as she loses her one special place
:iconword-witch:Word-Witch 1 3


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Heyo, people of DA. I'm a simple girl, looking for some feedback on her writing. Feel free to recommend some writing and tips are always welcome :D

I also do photography and sometimes draw. I'm a happy little person who loves to talk, so feel free to ask me questions about whatever and I may know the answer ;)

I also love music to the extent words cannot express. I write songs as well as sing and play guitar and harmonica on a regular basis. Enjoy everybody :D


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